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Published on December 31, 2015

Karai Oram Trailer – It is action film directed by JKS in Telugu, Kannada and in Tamil language. It is named as Alone in Kannada, Leela in Telugu and in Tamil as Karai Oram. Nikisha Patel and Vashista is doing the lead roles. Iniyia is doing the supporting role. Simran is doing the guest role in this movie. She is acting as a police officer in the film. Sunil Shetty is also acting in guest role as CBI officer in this movie. MS Bhaskar, Singam Puli are also doing the supporting role in this movie. Kannada version of this movie was already released in November 2015. Tamil version of this movie is expected to be released in theaters on Jan 2016. Watch and Enjoy the Karai Oram Trailer at Tamil Cinema Trailers.

About Karai Oram Trailer

Trailer Name – Karai Oram Trailer

Trailer Running Time – 2 minutes 1 second

Director – JKS

Music Director – Sujith Shetty

Cinematography – Jai Anand

Production Company – RJ Combines

Cast – Nikisha Patel, Iniya, Simran

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